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2nd Grader’s Reviews – February 2018

By, Alvaro

Did you know that the king and queen of Paris were rich? Paris is a very nice place.

Because Paris robbed lots of stuff, and there men got tired of working for the king and queen. The king and queen where rich because they robbed stuff from other states and cities but now they don’t.

Paris is a very nice place to eat because it has nice restaurants and they have steak pancakes chips soup and pizza.

Another reason is you can go to learn about history in the museum. That used to be the king and queens castle.

You should go on a plane to Paris to learn about history and eat in nice restaurants.

The Review of the IPhone X
By, Salvatore

Are you looking for new iPhones? Well you should get the new iPhone x. I think it’s great.

But it can be hot or cold if you leave it to long at a place or house. If your house is hot or cold it will be hot or cold. It has a big screen it can also help you learn, play, read, write and more.

Because the iPhone x has a 4K camera, it can scan your face. The 4K camera compared to other cameras the 4K camera is better than other cameras. The people who made the iPhone X was a good idea for the iPhone X to have a 4K camera for the iPhone X

You could also get it at T-Mobile. It’s great!

By, Bruno

Lions are yellow but some are black orange or brown. Their roar can be heard 8 km and 4 mi away. Some lions have spots. Female lions attack. Boy lions stay with the cubs. When the cubs are 4 months old they start to attack. I think they are cute. The lion is the biggest cat in the world. His cubs are as big as a big dog. Lions are normally in a pack. There’s just 1 male in in the whole group. I really like lions for no reason.

By, Pablo

Hey do you like funny things? If you do you’ll love Coco. Coco is a really good movie because it is very funny and sad.

It involves some real people that died.

The first reason is that it is very funny. For example Miguel said I thought I was related to a murderer.

The second reason is that it is kind of life like the third reason is that it is sad when someone dies.

If you want to see this movie just go to the cinema and that’s why I like Coco.

Fishing Review
By, Mahaan

Splash! That is the sound of a fish jump out of the water. I recommend fishing because it is a good sport.

Maybe you can catch a 200 pound fish but a 1,000 pound fish would be way harder it’s not the weight you are fighting it’s the power of the fish.

I like fishing because you can catch a lot of fish like sharks marlin and a lot more stuff. Fishing can make you strong because you have to pull HARD so the line does not snap or break.

Sometimes you can get pulled over board. If it is big or small if it is big or small you should still let it go unless you art in Brazil in the Amazon rain forest you should catch a fish to eat or find a Brazilian nut.

By, Margaux

Seaworld is fun! It’s a great theme park to spend time with friends and family.

You see sea animals like whales, sea lions, sharks, fish, sea stars and sea urchins. There’s also rides.

There’s roller coasters and spinning teacups. They even have food such as hotdogs, chips, cotton candy and popcorn. You can win prizes by playing games. There’s also aquariums! You can learn a lot about sea animals at Seaworld.

Well this is all I know about sea world! You should go there!

By, Diego

Minecraft is a very fun game to play, because you can adventure in survival. For example one time I went from grassland to desert than birch. After that mountains.

In Minecraft when you spawn you see a pixilated world with some trees.  When you walk it makes an epic sound like this sc, sc, sc. Minecraft is a fun game to play!

Minecraft is a fun game to play in creative mode because you have every single block. In hard-core mode you are locked on hard and if you die you can’t re-spawn.  In Minecraft there are lots of different biomes.

One reason I recommend Minecraft is you can do lots of things like building houses and adventuring. Minecraft is a fun game to play! In Minecraft I like to mine and get diamonds, red stone, emeralds, and lapis.

Minecraft is a fun game to play in survival, creative and hard core to buy Minecraft all you need to do is go to the app store on your computer and search up Minecraft it might be about $25.

By, Kaylynn

Are you a dance lover? Well I am. My opinion about dance is it so fun!

I know dance is a sport. Also you move to music but it depends on which dance you choose because every dance is different. You can take dance classes in a studio. A studio is a place that dance teachers teach you how to dance.

And you can do any dance you want to. For example you can do tap, jazz, ballet and any other dance you want to do. Another reason is you get to dance to music and you get to wear customs when you perform.

I think you should try out dance because it is very fun! And you can find allot of different dance studios by your house! Finally I wonder which dance you like best.

Pizza Nova
By, Nico

Do you like pizza? If you do you should go to Pizza Nova.

The food is very good and it has sodas and has different pizza like pepperoni and cheese. It also has big and small sodas and pizza Nova has Ma-n-cheese. Pizza Nova is a place it also has free medium sized bread.

I like the bread and the Mac-n-chis also the sodas. Pizza Nova also has small candy’s at the front of pizza Nova

You can find pizza Nova in random locations. So go to pizza Nova tonight and you also don’t forget pizza Nova is a good place to go for pizza and sodas.

By, Malina

Disneyland is fun.  I think you should go to Disneyland.  It’s super fun.  Do you love Disneyland?

It smells like flowers and you can feel the Disney Characters.  You can see roller coasters.  You can go to the Disney store.  You can hear people screaming on the roller coaster.  There are different rides like Splash Mountain.

My opinion is that Disneyland is fun.  You can buy tickets on line.

By, Julianna

I am going to tell you about Minecraft. I think Minecraft is awesome It’s a very adventurous video game. So get it today at game spot. “Yay.”

It’s day and night and night and day and when you play you might git out but that’s ok! So I no you might get out but that’s ok that’s the fun so let’s play! You can also make what ever you want.

And I think it’s a super fun video game! So do you like building in a video game well Minecraft would be perfect for you. The fun part is you can cook stuff and you can find chest, chest are things in Minecraft that have food and other things that will help you!

So you can by it online or on your c.d. at game spot. If you do I bet you would have so much fun!

Jumanji Review
By, Rodrigo

Do you like to laugh? Go see Jumanji! It is a funny movie.

Jumanji is about people who go into a game called Jumanji, they all had lives and all of the characters at least lost a life.

In my opinion it is funny because it tells lots of jokes and the characters play fight.  While they are playing fight they accidentally push each other off cliffs. There is 1 funny part that oneof the main characters’s weakness is cake and he eats it and BOOM! He exploded.

I think this movie is the best. Go watch it before it expires! If you want to laugh see Jumanji!

My Review on Disneyland
By, Catherine

Do you want to meet a Disney character? If you do, than you should go to Disneyland!

Disneyland is an amusement park with very fun rides, and it is very far from San Diego. Disneyland is humongous!!

I like Disneyland because you can spend time with family and friends. Disneyland also has good food and fun rides.

Disneyland is great and you should hop in your car and go there as soon as you can!!!